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Services Offered

Our company offers a wide range of services to help businesses optimize their costs and achieve success. One of our primary offerings is the building of executive team awareness of how C-O-S-T works. We help businesses understand the importance of optimizing their costs and how different functions within their organization can impact product costs.

We also assist in appointing a Cost Optimization Executive, who will oversee the cost optimization efforts and ensure that the company is working towards its goals. Additionally, we assist in appointing Cost Optimization Managers from within the company and provide them with the necessary training to successfully lead the cost optimization efforts.

Our team helps companies set up cost optimization workshops, establish cost optimization goals and a master list of cost-saving ideas, and prioritize these ideas using our COGS saving idea prioritization method. We guide the Cost Optimization Manager and product development teams on the implementation of cost-saving ideas and introduce an idea implementation documentation process.

We also establish a monthly performance report and incorporate it into the company reviews to ensure that the company is on track to achieving its cost optimization goals. Our team helps build executive and leadership's visual support of C-O-S-T activity, establishes a gross margin tracker for products in development, and sets up cost optimization related innovation projects.

We also help businesses identify COGS saving opportunities between production and product development, establish competitive methods benchmarking, and understand and advance internal optimized cost benchmarks. Our team develops margin protection methodology and initiates customer technology meetings to gain insight into competition and opportunities.

Lastly, we set up purchased parts benchmarking to help businesses identify opportunities for cost savings in their supply chain. Contact us today to learn more about our cost optimization services and how we can help your business achieve success.

Services Comparison Table

Our comparison table outlines the key features and benefits of our cost optimization services, allowing businesses to choose the services that best fit their needs. From executive team awareness building to the appointment of a Cost Optimization Executive, the table provides information on each service, including how we assist in workshop participant training, establish cost optimization goals, and introduce COGS saving idea prioritization methods. It also covers how we develop margin protection methodology, set up purchased parts benchmarking, and establish competitive methods benchmarking. With our comprehensive comparison table, businesses can easily choose the cost optimization services that will help them achieve success.

ServiceConsultationOn-site MeetingOn-site Assessment3-month Implementation6-month Implementation
Overview of the C-O-S-T system
Potential cost improvement
Achieving cost leadership competitiveness
Detailed review of cash flow improvement
25 elements of the C-O-S-T system
Company-wide and supply chain engagement
Review of cost savings in production
Product development team focus on cost
Organization-wide focus on cost optimization
Reading and studying the C-O-S-T book
Guidance using the implementation guide
Selecting cost optimization managers
Optimizing cost in product development
Implementing improvements within functions
Leveraging supply chain for cost optimization
Building and executing product and process optimization pipeline
Aligning operating expenses with cost leadership objectives