Reduce Costs, Maximize Cash Flow

If you are apart of a T1/T2 automotive supplier you will reduce your current COGS and increase cashflow by up to 25% with our proven C-O-S-T system.

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Our Services

We offer a range of services aimed at optimizing product costs during the development phase, resulting in higher profits and more efficient production cycles.

Get Started Consultation

Free ½ hour video or phone call consultation, providing an overview of the C-O-S-T system, potential cost improvement, achieving cost leadership competitiveness, and an overview of assistance offered by the company.

Ideal for customers who want to gain insights into how implementing a cost optimization system like C-O-S-T can significantly improve their business performance and profitability.

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Online Assessments and Trainings

Flexible 3-hour meeting or 3-day assessment, both of which can be conducted on-site or online. The meeting covers cash flow improvement projections, the 25 elements of the C-O-S-T system, and company-wide and supply chain engagement in cost optimization. The assessment evaluates current cost optimization performance, cost savings generated during production, product development team focus, and organization-wide emphasis on cost optimization.

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Enterprise Transformation Solutions

Comprehensive coaching for self-implementation of the C-O-S-T system over 3 or 6 months. The program includes studying the C-O-S-T book, guidance with the implementation guide, selecting cost optimization managers, and focusing on product development team cost optimization. The 6-month option expands the focus beyond product development, covering improvements within functions, supply chain optimization, innovation pipeline development, and aligning operating expenses with cost leadership objectives.

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From the blog

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